Best price for your Lie Detecting Test

Best price for Lie Detecting Test

In tough economic times like these, we all need to be wizards at cost-cutting. Bringing down existing expenditure and getting the best price can be done by calling the Provider and insisting on a discount or any other cost-cutting measure you can think of.

It helps to speak up.

For future expenditure, getting the best price for your Lie Detecting Test, is no exception.

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Here are some ‘Secrets’ I’ve put together to help you negotiate your way to getting the Best Price for Lie Detecting without compromising on Reliability and Accuracy.

Secrets to getting the best price for your Lie Detecting Test

  • First Secret – Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Relying on advertised figures can be a costly mistake. If you do see a competitive price, mention it to the competition. But also remember that you get what you pay for.
  • Second Secret – Ask what discount is available especially related to your specific need. If you are needing many tests done, to gauge general deviant behavior, to get the best price request a quantity discount.
  • Third Secret – Go straight to the top. Ask to speak to the business owner/senior examiner, as they have more authority to negotiate.
  • Fourth Secret – Pursue package deals. For your big projects of Periodic Screenings or Pre-employments, try to get the extras thrown in, such as a Call-out-Fee, Report Fee, Day Fee etc.
  • Fifth Secret – Be flexible. Small changes can make a big difference in price and time. It’s smart to consider one methodology over another so choosing between Polygraph or Voice Stress, depending on your requirements is a good idea for saving time and money. Also, the technique used for the tests may be priced differently, ask to make sure you get the best price.
  • Sixth Secret – Be willing to switch service providers. In the Truth Verification Industry client/examiner loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. Just because you have been making use of X’s Services for 5 years, doesn’t mean that Y won’t provide you with better service.
  • Seventh Secret – Push yourself beyond your (city) limits. You may possibly get a better price per test while the Call-out-Fee may be more expensive per kilometre, but the saving on the test price (if you have large group to be tested) may just come in lower overall.
  • Eighth Secret – Get on the hot list. Join the mailing lists of your favorite Lie Detecting Company (if they have one like us). Not only will you receive informative blog posts like this, you’ll receive advance notice of discounted rates.
  • Ninths Secret – Search cyberspace for Lie Detecting discounts. Any Company worth their salt will use Google Ads to offer discount.
  • Tenth Secret – Buy in bulk. Group all your annual tests together if possible, or at least bi-annually. This way you can ask for bulk testing discount.
  • Eleventh Secret – Try some teamwork. When you have some tests that need to be done, invite your neighbouring businesses to join in and ask for bulk discount this way.
  • Twelfth Secret – Get estimates in writing. And, compare your quoted figures with final invoiced figures.
  • Thirteenth Secret – Hunt for hidden charges. Some Lie Detecting Companies may quote very low on the per-test price but do not mention other fees until it is too late and they appear on your invoice.
  • Fourteenth Secret – Offer same-day payment for further discount. Usually payment is requested immediately, yet clients only settle towards the end of the following month. You may be handsomely rewarded for offering immediate settlement once the project is complete. Make sure you keep to this settlement agreement, should you not you may be hit with a revised, increased invoice.
  • Fifteenth Secret – When you get a bill, don’t focus only on the bottom line. Scan every item for erroneous charges.
  • Sixteenth Secret – Save on the Call-out-Fee. Go to examiner or hire/borrow a venue close to the Lie Detecting Companies’ office. On bulk testing, ask that the COF be included in the test fee.
  • Seventeenth Secret – Ask if a Sliding Scale of fees is available – the more you do, the cheaper each test becomes.
  • Eighteenth Secret – Sign a Retainer Agreement with guaranteed test figures/prices that are applicable for an agreed period of time. As this is the preferred type of client, your Service Provider will do everything they can to give you the best price.
Getting the best price for Lie Detecting
Contact us to save money on your Lie Detecting needs!

Have you received any discount for your clever negotiation tactics? I would love to hear about them!


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