2012 – Your Year for Unlocking the Truth

Voice Stress Analysis being the modern method of Lie Detecting is also becoming the preferred service to unlocking the truth.

  • VSA is accurate – when the newest and best software globally available, is used. Ask your Examiner what Soft- and Hardware they are using… If it’s not AVSAPRO, it’s obsolete!
  • VSA is reliable – when the correct protocols are used to best fit the situation under investigation.  Ask your examiner to explain why the protocol  proposed  is the best in your specific situation.
  • VSA is affordable – in these tough economic times, it is never a ‘good’ time to need the services of a VSA Examiner. It is a consolation that VSA is the most value for money, and time efficient Lie Detecting method.

How will you take charge of Unlocking the Truth?

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