Stop Dishing up that Can of Bullshit

Can of bullshit

If I tell a painful but necessary truth, I take the risk of not being liked, being resented, or worse, rejected. And, most of the time we distort the truth in order to manipulate, and through manipulation we control. Therefore we lie. In other words, dishing up the proverbial can of Bullshit.

Telling the Truth is hard, and we give up control of other people, yet there is incredible power in the truth and is necessary for a fulfilling life.

As easy as Lying is, I say Stop Dishing up that Can of Bullshit!

Let me share with you why you should cease with the Bullshit already!

  • First of all truth allows for change and growth – No change is possible without knowing the truth; I cannot change something in myself if I’m not aware that it is there and needs to be changed.
  • Telling the Truth brings you peace of mind – It speaks of integrity, exposes your deeper values and hence you are a good friend, partner, parent or colleague.
  • Further more telling the Truth is a sign of love – Really caring for friends and family we must be willing to tell them what they don’t want to hear.
  • Truth earns respect – When you consistently tell the truth others will seek you out when needing feedback and listen.
  • Truth creates deeper connections – Telling the truth makes us vulnerable, this will encourage your friends and family to be open their hearts too.

Bullshit free Zone

In Conclusion

Bullshit has a definite fragrance that people can smell when it comes their way.

Truth is power, with it we live in integrity and when we deliver it with love, people won’t get defensive and your consideration will be appreciated.


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