The Protected Disclosures Act (or Whistle-Blowing Act), No 26 of 2000, was enacted in South Africa in 2001. The Hotline became imperative; according to the preamble of the Act:

  • Every employee has a responsibility to disclose criminal and any other irregular conduct in the workplace;
  • Every employer has a responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure that employees who disclose such information are protected from any reprisals as a result of such disclosures.

The above legislation make it imperative that all businesses have an anonymous reporting mechanism such as a hotline, in place.  Although the recommendations set out in the King Reports are not legally binding, they have become widely accepted as the benchmark for good corporate governance in South Africa. Both King II and the King III Draft reports identify a hotline facility as a key corporate governance responsibility. Apart from the ethical responsibility corporations have to their staff and community, a hotline service is an extremely effective tool for uncovering fraud and other misconduct.

Your own Hotline
Your own Hotline

With this Hotline;

  • We provide you with a toll free telephone number to distribute among employees, customers and suppliers.
  • your 0800 number can be displayed prominently and callers are invited to call in with information relating to matters of concern, anonymously and free of charge.
  • Callers’ identities are protected and at no time are the callers required to identify themselves.
  • Our operators will interview callers to establish the finer details of any issue reported.
  • Information received is passed on to authorized persons so that appropriate action can be taken.
  • Caller are identified by a unique reference number. A file is opened to facilitate feed back and the development of complete and comprehensive reports.

Service related deviations can include poor customer service, theft and fraud; harassment withing the work place and any other unethical activity that negatively affects proper business functioning

We can further assist clients in sourcing appropriate service providers to implement corrective action.

Why shop around taking unnecessary risks if you can go directly to the industry leaders?

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