McBride challenges Mokotedi to a Lie Detector Test

What I experienced when Robert McBride challenged Prince Mokotedi to a lie detector test.

December 2016 offered the opportunity to be involved in the well-known McBride Lie Detector Challenge with Mokotedi.

Gauteng Hawks head Prince Mokotedi leveled allegations of treason, conspiracy to murder and espionage against a group who allegedly plotted to cause the downfall of the president. McBride among others, was named in an affidavit containing these allegations that was used to open a docket on Monday 2016-12-12.

He responded by challenging Mokotedi to a Lie Detector Test who accepted initially but subsequently refused.

McBride submitted himself for a Lie Detector Test.

The mandate from our client was to determine whether any of the allegations made against McBride as described in Mokotedi’s affidavit, were true. The copy of the affidavit received had no Commissioner of Oath signature, nor the signature of Mokotedi. It was confirmed to be the affidavit used by Mokotedi to inform those concerned of the docket that was opened, and was the only copy available.

This presented the necessity to first authenticate the affidavit.

At our request McBride signed a statement confirming the affidavit in our possession to be a true and unaltered copy of Mokotedi’s affidavit. The veracity of McBride’s statement was then determined by our examiner Dolph Visagie. This initial Polygraph examination indicated a result of No Deception:  The examinee was truthful when answering the Relevant Questions of;

  1. (NO) “Did you lie in this statement?”
  2. (NO) “Is this statement a lie?”

Only then we were able to turn our attention to our mandate.

A second Polygraph was conducted with McBride indicating No Deception:  The examinee was truthful when answering the Relevant Questions of;

  1. (NO) “Are any of the allegation in that affidavit true?”
  2. (NO) “Are you in anyway involved in any of the allegations in that affidavit?”
  3. (NO) “Do you know for sure who is involved in any of the allegations in that affidavit?”

So, what did I experience as a professional from this McBride Lie Detector Test?

  • No Polygraph can be public. We insisted on the examination taking place in private and at a neutral venue. We rented the testing facility at the Omega Training Academy; a big thank you to our hosts Wessel Kritzinger and Roy Rawlins.
  • An examinee is an examinee. McBride was subjected to the Polygraphs strictly following protocol, there was no preferential treatment.
  • The client is the only recipient of the results. Despite pressure from the media, results remain confidential and are reported to the client only. This blog post was published with permission.

 And, on the lighter side I experienced that:

  • There is no such thing as time off in the Lie Detecting Industry
  • Reporters wear very casual clothes but have a stylish jacket on hand
  • Notorious/Famous Celebrities can fluster ordinary folks
  • Notorious/Famous Celebrities are just people too

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