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Connect with Us!

Are you on Social Media? Connect with Us! In need of Lie Detecting Country Wide through Voice Stress and Polygraph?  Then use Social Media to Connect with Us as we are only a click away! Social Media is no longer something that only 'the kids' are using. The jury has spoken that social media … Continue reading
Your Own Hotline

Your Own Hotline

What information would you receive if you had Your Own Hotline? Imagine receiving information vital to the success of your business. Confidential information via your own independent, anonymous HOTLINE! National Voice Stress & Polygraph Network offer you insight into moods, opinions and … Continue reading
Honesty Management Program

Kudos for Honesty Management to……

In the Truth Verification Industry it can be a challenge to convince clients of the benefit of an Honesty Management Program. Such as Pre-employment and Periodic Screening of new and current staff. In today's economic climate, most clients only opt for Voice Stress Analysis or Polygraph once … Continue reading

YEAR END BREAK – Prepare properly!

The end of 2015 is so near the excitement can be felt in the air! Prepare properly! Receive our best wishes of peace and harmony for you and your family over this well earned break. May you not be in need of Truth Verification. May you be spared from Deception and Lies! We know that … Continue reading