HR Warning

HR Warning!

Consider lie detecting to confront misconduct but be sure of all the facts before you commit to the process and heed this HR Warning! HR Warning! Collect information HR Warning! 1; Collect as much information about the incident as possible because this guides you to who to include in the … Continue reading
Pre-employment question to be asked

Question that Must be Asked

In my experience, when employers call us in for Pre-employment Voice Stress or Polygraph examinations, they mistakenly leave out a very important question in the belief that their background checks will provide the necessary information. Our Advice on That Question My advice is do not leave this … Continue reading

Understanding How Lie Detecting Works

Huh? How does this Work? While the MIND can lie, the BODY cannot! How does this Work? Our minds being as creative as they are, can conjure up some really amazing stories. In regard to Truth Verification this is the Cornerstone! What Detection of Deception relies on is the relationship … Continue reading