Get Over That Lie

Have you been deceived in one way or another and struggling to Get Over That Lie? It is devastating when we have been deceived by a spouse, partner, family member, business partner or employee; we’ve put our trust into this person and feel betrayed and hurt. Even worse, we feel … Continue reading
No mistakes here!

Mistakes do happen!

Mistakes in the Truth Verification industry is not unheard of; greatly avoided, but they do happen! Errors in the Lie Detecting game can happen anytime during the process of booking an appointment, conducting the actual test through to sending the result and invoice.... and they … Continue reading

Understanding How Lie Detecting Works

Huh? How does this Work? While the MIND can lie, the BODY cannot! How does this Work? Our minds being as creative as they are, can conjure up some really amazing stories. In regard to Truth Verification this is the Cornerstone! What Detection of Deception relies on is the relationship … Continue reading

YEAR END BREAK – Prepare properly!

The end of 2015 is so near the excitement can be felt in the air! Prepare properly! Receive our best wishes of peace and harmony for you and your family over this well earned break. May you not be in need of Truth Verification. May you be spared from Deception and Lies! We know that … Continue reading