Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes

Heroes are people who teach and inspire us. My heroes are those who have faced the darkness of their past, and survived.  In my view Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes, when they take responsibility for their actions.

Should Heroes be exempt?

Even the most high-profile of household names can have dark pasts, heroes definitely aren’t perfect, yet they carry a tremendous amount of influence.  But when every word is recorded and every mishap is news, heroes are under even more pressure to behave perfectly. Our Heroes are human beings who transcend above the rest of us, but like the billions of other humans on this Earth, they are just as equally flawed. So, should our heroes be exempt from criticism, should they be allowed a free pass? Some would argue yes. Given the strain of living under a microscope, it’s natural for them to be human and slip.

I put forward that our Heroes are not like us. Of course they are human like the rest of us but they are greatly influential too, often shaping the culture we live in.   While that is admittedly a lot of pressure to carry, it should most definitely come with responsibility.

Examples from History

As evident from history, hero worship can easily go from brushing aside simple misunderstandings to blindly ignoring actual crimes;

  • First of all Woody Allen sexually assaulted his daughter and is still revered in Hollywood.
  • Also Sean Penn assaulted Madonna to the point of near death yet presented an Oscar last year.
  • Another is Chris Brown who beat Rihanna publicly and is on a national tour.
  • In addition, Eminem built his entire career on violent misogyny and has won 28 awards as a result.
  • Finally, Bill Cosby raped an entire slew of women and his comedy tour sold out.

These are blatant acts of terror that we collectively ignored in the name of hero worship.

Be accountable

If heroes are indeed human beings, then they deserve to be treated like one, including being held accountable for their actions.

Like the rest of us, they need to understand their actions so in turn, they can help others promote better values and behaviour.  They should not be in conflict with their obligations as a good human, and we are definitely not exempt from calling out lies as we see it.

So beyond the fanfare, after the scandal, when the truth is finally out, admitted and confessed, Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes.

Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes
Hansie Cronje
Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes
Joost Van Der Westhuizen
Fallen Heroes become Truth Heroes
Lance Armstrong

Heroes like Hansie, Joost & Lance, who eventually told the truth and in my opinion redeemed themselves, thus remain my Heroes.

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How to detect a lie

Knowing the basics of detecting a lie can be useful in most situations, even fun when applied in social gatherings. However, no combination of the clues given in these articles are proof that someone is lying to you, they are only signs that they are most likely to be lying, and as many factors need to be taken into consideration, when the stakes are high, it is best to leave Detection of Deception to the professionals!

There being many more physiological reactions present in the body when we lie – in the previous article we only indicated three being among the most noticeable – there are a myriad of other reactions happening seen and unseen.

Physiologically the body goes into all-over stress when we lie; while our minds can lie, our bodies cannot. In a healthy organism, the nervous system cannot send purposefully incorrect messages to the brain, only truthful ones, i.e., when the temperature drops we will perceive it to be cold – a truthful message from our sensory organs reached the brain. The incongruence between the truthful body and the deceptive mind then causes many reactions to take place, ranging from clearly noticeable to the trained eye of the observer, to those that not even the deceiver is aware of.

For example, there could be contradiction between the words spoken and the emotional gestures of the suspected liar, such as:

  • The timing and duration of their emotional gestures and actual emotions does not coincide; the display of emotions is delayed or they stay longer and then stops suddenly. They may say “I love it!” when receiving a gift, and then smile AFTER making the statement, rather than AT THE TIME the statement was made.
  • Their gestures and/or expression don’t match what they are saying, such a frowning when saying “I love you.”
  • Their expressions are limited to their mouth movements only, they are most probably faking it when the expressions do not reach the whole face.

With a forced or polite smile, only our muscles directly around the mouth are involved. During a natural smile many facial muscle groups move involuntary, the forehead muscles will ‘move down’, cheeks and jaw move and the our nose may wrinkle. The easiest way to spot a real smile is to look at their eyes, in a natural smile their eyes should become ‘squished’ and may cause ‘crows’ feet’. Only a small percentage of people can move these muscles voluntarily to ‘fake’ a ‘real’ smile.

Watch this space for more indicators…..