Who Else Wants the Truth NOW?

Who Else Wants the Truth NOW?

No more Lies! I want the Truth NOW! Do you, like me want the Truth NOW? Lies are insidious falsehoods that feed off our very Life Blood, from the moment they are said, no matter if we are the victim or perpetrator. Lies are everywhere, in our own hearts and minds, in the words we utter and … Continue reading

Live a life of Honesty

All around us Life is pulsating with inspiration to live a life of Honesty and Truth. It is courageous to live such a life. A Life in the present moment, the here-and-now, rather than distracted by our fears and doubts. As soon as we succumb to our fears and doubts, Lies easily substitute the … Continue reading

Understanding How Lie Detecting Works

Huh? How does this Work? While the MIND can lie, the BODY cannot! How does this Work? Our minds being as creative as they are, can conjure up some really amazing stories. In regard to Truth Verification this is the Cornerstone! What Detection of Deception relies on is the relationship … Continue reading