What I gained In Search of My Truth

What I gained and lost in search of my Truth

I’m old enough to say “Looking back over my life…” and not regret a single day. Yes, there have been many days, months, even years that I could have lived and loved differently.  But, then I wouldn’t have the experience of life I do now. Searching for my Truth has been a very rewarding journey!

What I gained In Search of My Truth:


  • I am free from doubting myself automatically
  • I am free from self-sabotage
  • I am free from being a victim of circumstance
  • I am free from blaming others
  • I am free from worry

The list is endless!


  • I know that my imagination is my most powerful ally or enemy. How I choose to implement it, is up to me
  • I know that my outer life is always a reflection of my inner life. Everything I experience as happening to me externally, I have already committed to myself internally
  • I have the power to change my outer experience in the instant that I change my inner experience
  • I am the Creator of My Life. I build my experiences by my attitude and EVERYTHING/EVERYONE holds an opportunity for growth and love. Yes, even those traumatic, life threatening ones!
  • I know that what I can’t take with me when I ‘die’, is not worthy of concern. My pursuit of earthly things is not to accumulate but to experience my own creative power which is only half of what I will take with me
  • I know that the experience of learning how to love and be loved, is the other half

Of course, this Freedom & Knowing wasn’t gained easily. They came hand-in-hand with Responsibility.  I have had to take full responsibility for my whole life. The good and bad. Recognizing that the positions, places & circumstances I find myself in are completely, wholly as a result of my very own decisions.

This is a painful and necessary maturing process.

What I gained and lost in search of my truth

What I Lost in Search of My Truth

  • I no longer subscribe to the illusion that when/if my actions and words hurt others, I am a bad person
  • I do not make it nice for everyone, especially for my children, family and loved ones – how they choose to experience their lives, is their choice, just as it is mine
  • I do not need to be approved by others. My own approval through careful consideration is all that is required. And, if this careful consideration results in having to acknowledge that I indeed do not approve, then having the courage to change until I do
  • I no longer fear (emotional- that is, I am still working on losing physical fear :)) I do not fear hurt or not being loved. This is all part of life and the experience therefor depends again on my attitude
  • I do not support scarcity; I am the Creator of My Life and therefore I experience abundance in every form

The search of My Truth finally brought me to the edge of peace, yet with the excitement that life is still to be lived, loved and enjoyed in every moment!

Are you on a similar journey, have you also gained some wisdom on the way? I certainly hope that you have – why not let me know……?

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