Is a #TRUTHSEEKER a Dying Breed?

A serious #Truthseeker is willing to first study their own motivation toward altering the truth; what the emotion is they are attempting to avoid.

In search of the Truth

The word of humanity is not reliable and cannot be taken at face value, anymore. In fact, as a #Truthseeker, I’m beginning to wonder if it ever was at all?

It is true that some reasons for bending the truth to telling an outright lie, is justifiable – our social communications require tact, compassion and diplomacy.

Some vocations even demand ad-hoc deception to function. Law, business and politics, often hide, soften or misrepresent a difficult truth – their speeches & marketing is designed to make lies seem truthful. The media seems biased in representing facts, political leaders merely make statements for effect and facts are manipulated or made up.

Only a naïve society is shocked when a hidden truth enters the public domain. Keeping up with the news should be a constant consideration of what is really being said.

Having said that, neither can we give up on honesty all together. Civilized interaction relies on a basic intent to be truthful, and an assumption that people can generally be taken at their word.

A functional society requires mutual trust built up through honest communications. Should it be an acceptable practice to consistently hide, alter or change the truth, our mutual moral obligation to each other dissolves, and the law of the jungle re-emerges.

Tools to assist in uncovering a Lie

In my view here in South Africa too, we have reached a “dysfunctional tipping point in which an essential commitment to truthfulness no longer seems to be assumed in our society.” Credit

We are in danger that the building blocks of trust important in any society, and essential for a free and democratic one, will dissolve so that the kinds of discourse required to self-govern, will become impossible.

#Truthseekers create trust, the building blocks of society

The vital role of honesty in any society has been acknowledged throughout history:

  • The Romans considered the goddess Veritas to be the Mother of Virtue
  • Confucius compared honesty to the essential source of love, communication and fairness
  • The Bible’s Old Testament prohibits “bearing false witness”

Honesty is a virtue that becomes habit if practiced consistently

What would our society look like, how would it function, if being a #Truthseeker was the noble norm? A #Truthseeker is someone who is learning to discern Truth from Lies, a person who has high regard for honesty – a person willing to make honesty their noble norm.

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Here at VSAPOLY, a #Truthseeker acquiring the skill to discern Truth from Lies, understands it is a life-long endeavour. Mostly, studying signs and signals of Lies ‘out there’, is the common approach to acquiring this skill.

However, when we study the signs and signals of Lies ‘in here’, we learn fast, and the learning becomes knowing, a sense so acute that rarely a lie goes unnoticed.

Lies ‘in here’ of course refers to the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others; the masks we wear, the false perceptions we deliberately create in others, the embroidery or down-play of a situation, to suit our need.

A serious #Truthseeker is willing to first study their own motivation toward altering the truth; what the emotion is they are attempting to avoid, their visceral experience when telling a lie, their body movements, eye contact etc.

Taking a mental note of all their own signs and signals when telling a lie is the best method of studying and learning to discern Truth from Lies.

So, are we as #Truthseekers, a dying breed?

Personally, my hope lies in the spiritual awakening that is occurring and the realization emerging, at a higher level of consciousness, that we are intrinsically (at the level of the soul) one human species.

As we realize that life is one inseparable whole, and that “what goes around” literally does “come around”, it seems inevitable that we can expect, over time, the rebirth of honesty, and therefore a growing community of #Truthseekers.

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