Who Else Wants the Truth NOW?

Who Else Wants the Truth NOW?

No more Lies! I want the Truth NOW!

Do you, like me want the Truth NOW?

Lies are insidious falsehoods that feed off our very Life Blood, from the moment they are said, no matter if we are the victim or perpetrator.

Lies are everywhere, in our own hearts and minds, in the words we utter and even in those we omit. Not saying anything to ‘keep-the-Peace’, is effective yet remain a Lie.

Lies have an unacknowledged but serious effect:

  • Tension is conjured
  • Distrust slowly seeps into the heart
  • The body weakens and becomes sick as it struggles with the weight
  • Energy resources begin to dwindle, it takes effort to maintain
  • They crowd our thinking
  • Lies steal our joy and time

Like a fog, lies descend over the Truth, blanketing it in secrecy and deceit. Only to be uncovered by those who are brave enough to seek the Truth diligently.

Ask yourself “Am I brave enough to face the Truth?”. If your answer is yes, begin by Subscribing, this way you will intermittently receive notification of educational Blog Post like these.

Then do a little introspection; do your reactions to the Truth elicit more of it? Do you know how to keep the flow of honesty going, and perhaps even extract a confession?

I have first hand experience of becoming ‘brave enough’. I have been the perpetrator and the victim, just like everyone else. Living with both Lies and the Truth, is part of growing up. And, hopefully, as we mature we choose the Truth. We develop the courage, yes it takes lots of courage, to speak and act truthfully.

And so it is, I want the Truth Now!

What is Truth, and what is it not?

Truth is fact that is backed by evidence and/or witness.

Truth is not an interpretation, a sense, a suspicion, nor is it and opinion.

We expect Truth to be present in our homes, our work environment. Our relationships should be based on it. Our media and government should respect it. Yet sadly, it is not.

The Hard and Ugly Truth

Truth is seldom easy to express, and still I prefer it over it’s destructive counterpart. With Truth everyone knows what they’re dealing with, an attitude can be adjusted, an opinion amended, suspicion eradicated.

With Truth:

  • Trust can be restored
  • Relationships heal
  • Peace-of-Mind is regained
  • Forgiveness has an open door
  • Co-operation to find a solution is ensured


Can you elicit more Truth?
Can you elicit more Truth?
To become the #TruthSeekers

To be #TruthSeekers, our eyes, hearts and minds need to be wide open.

The Truth rings in our ears and tastes sweet, and is light while Lies stink, weigh heavy and are difficult to swallow.

Remember, something that sounds too good to be true, usually is. Here are some tips to Knowing if you are being lied to.

To elicit the Truth you need to remain calm when the information begins to flow. For more guidance here is Our TEACHSHEET, tips to getting someone to tell you the truth…



Following these tips, a confession is just an interview away.

Alternatively, you could always contact the professionals to Verify the Truth and Detect the Lies.

Want to become part of the #TruthSeekers?

We do what we do, Lie Detecting, because we are #TruthSeekers.

Anyone else feel as strongly as I do about Lies? Who else prefers the Truth?

If this is you, then SHARE and COMMENT and let’s get the conversation going between #TruthSeekers!







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